List of Best US Bitcoin Exchanges in 2021

With time crypto trading is getting more and more popular however, there are also many unsecure exchanges that can cause trouble for you thus here is a list of the best US Bitcoin exchanges to buy, sell or invest Bitcoin

Crypto trading can be overwhelming at first but once you get to know the market and trends it gets easier. There are many ways to sell or buy crypto. This list considers the best Bitcoin exchanges in USA that offer access to multiple crypto assets as well as cash and payment apps that help you buy and sell Bitcoin. Individuals who are familiar with advanced trading platforms should be mindful because every exchange often comes with different fee structures, customer service options, and security systems.

Best US Bitcoin Exchanges in 2021 – Coinbase

Coinbase is known as one of the best US Bitcoin exchanges because traders are allowed to invest directly with USD. Trades can currently buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and +30 other coins on the exchange. Moreover, users can earn interest on their USDT, and many other token rewards by completing activities. The user interface of this platform is also easy to use. Traders can open accounts in a matter of minutes. Coinbase also offers multiple payment gateways, users can make deposits/withdrawals via credit/debit cards and account transfers. But keep in mind that this platform does charge a 3.99% fee if you deposit funds using a debit card.

One more thing to consider is that Coinbase is that it can be real pricy when it comes to its trading commissions. The platform charges users around 1.49% commission fees for both buying and selling orders. Moreover, there are other fees to contend with which makes this US Bitcoin exchange significantly more expensive than other competitors.

But its advanced security gives it an edge over other platforms. The company employs the world’s best security protocols to protect user funds against any possible thefts and cyber-attacks. Any crypto a user sells or buys is stored in a cold/digital wallet. The platform offers multiple security controls to the users that they can tweak as per their desires including the 48-time lock for any withdrawal inquiry or automatic login blocks if the request comes from an unrecognized or unregistered IP address.

Lastly, this US Bitcoin exchange comes with a mobile app that can serve as a crypto wallet, too.


Undoubtedly, Kraken is one of the best Bitcoin exchanges in USA. It consists of a good selection of coins and tokens to trade and invest in. The platform also offers the option of margin and leverage trading. However, the UI of this platform has a higher learning curve, it is best suited for traders that are familiar with other advanced trading platforms. Kraken is one of the few platforms on this list that allow you to trade in DOGE and other, riskier, tokens.


CoinCorner is one of the most speedy US Bitcoin exchange compatible for you to buy Bitcoin quickly in order to take benefit of a market boom or any other reason. However, it is more of a Bitcoin-oriented platform it only allows you to buy Bitcoin no other crypto assets. But it can still be a good option for traders eager enough to make a move. Signing up to this platform is also quite easy, it only takes a few minutes and then you can make deposits and start trading. Traders can make their payments via credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and electronic wallet Neteller. However, keep in mind that every purchase of crypto incurs 2.5% or 3.2% fees whenever you are using a debit or credit card. Traders are also provided the flexibility to sell their crypto assets as fast as they bought them.

Ultimately, this is one of the best Bitcoin exchanges in USA suitable for individuals who want to buy or sell Bitcoin exclusively rather than practice regular crypto trading.


Luno is known to be an up-and-coming US Bitcoin exchange that is primarily recognized for its interactive mobile trading application. This exchange permits the users to trade crypto without any lag or delay because of clunky interfaces. Thus, this platform’s application is supported via both android and IOS phones, rather than being a mobile port of a desktop website. Just like other exchanges in this list, this platform also allows you to make payments via various mediums such as bank transfers and credit cards. Although, you will have to pay a trading fee of around 3.5% if you make a payment via debit or credit card.


Concluding it all the reviewed US Bitcoin exchanges have their unique attributes. However, if you are a newbie looking to learn the ropes, you cannot go wrong with the simple exchange with a simple user interface and low fee structure. It is better for new traders to first understand the market and exchanges before dipping their toes in it.

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