Opening night: “Face to Face Projections” exhibition in Florence | 2018


A video covering the opening night of the “Face to Face Projection” exhibition at the Treeland Gallery in Florence, Italy, in November 2018. In this exhibition, a mix of international and local artists of diverse styles approach the same subject matter of portraiture and figure drawing and painting. Demonstrating – knowingly or unknowingly – their own projections of their models, the artists delve either into idealistic visions or vain attempts of the authentic, ranging from subtle psychological projections within realistic canons or tossing aside such canons altogether to dive into deeply exaggerated expressions. From every artistic style, even the most realistic of them, one cannot stray from the filter of the artist’s soul that sees all the world from the single-point perspective of self. Every universal reality such as the human face or the human form receives the full range of multi-colored and multi-varied particular realities developed by every individual. Like a collage of daily human experience, Face to Face Projections seeks to valorize the unique experiential reality of every artist in their encounter with a model as portrayed on canvas or paper.

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