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  Gabriela Vaz Meirelles was born in Goiânia, Brazil, and started drawing and painting as a child. At age 10, she developed her first graphite drawings and oil...

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The studio of Gabriela Vaz Meirelles in Florence, Italy, creates personal and commissioned artworks, in particular portraits, landscapes, narrative paintings and master...

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“The works of Gabriela excite us, enchant us and impact us by the beauty and meaning that are transmitted to us by admiring them. The acquired work is unique and enthralling. Artist of great talent and sensitivity.”


Mônica, Goiânia

“I met Gabriela Vaz about two years ago. As soon as I heard that she was an artist, I asked if she could do a painting since I am an aficionado of paintings. I must say that the picture is very beautiful and I was so happy I ordered another three. Beautiful all three. And I ordered yet another one that will be delivered to me by June. I must say that she is very good. In my opinion, she is a talent and she will have a bright future, given her young age.”


Giuseppe, Firenze

“I commissioned to the artist Gabriela Vaz a portrait of myself from life. During the work I posed for her. Observing the procedure, I saw the final result coming with satisfaction. I was really satisfied with it. I would recommend her work to everyone!”


Mirko, Firenze

“I’ve been following the work of the artist Gabriela Vaz and I had the opportunity to acquire one of her beautiful works. I hope to order another work this year.”


Rosana, New Jersey

“Magnificent pictures. I want to acquire new paintings. Painter who puts a lot of sensitivity in her works. I recommend her paintings to everyone I know.”


Maria Stella, Goiânia

“I loved the colors and the lightness of the piece.”


Maria Angélica, Goiânia

“The pictures are decorating my house and my office. Several clients have already asked me the contact of the painter to order the pictures.”


Maria da Glória, Goiânia

“The work is very original, perfect in its details. One characteristic: the expressive look!”


Wanda, Goiânia

“I always liked art and the artworks by Gabriela Vaz Meirelles reminds me of my childhood. It’s a kind of art that all people love. This picture “Mulher de terra” has not only perfect technique, but also a deep meaning.”


Ana Maria, Goiânia

“Gabriela is a very talented artist. I’m very happy with the result.”


Gustavo, Campinas

  • Mônica, Goiânia
  • Giuseppe, Firenze
  • Mirko, Firenze
  • Rosana, New Jersey
  • Maria Stella, Goiânia
  • Maria Angélica, Goiânia
  • Maria da Glória, Goiânia
  • Wanda, Goiânia
  • Ana Maria, Goiânia
  • Gustavo, Campinas
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